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Zutano Owl Storage Tote

Zutano Owl Storage Tote

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Helpfully store diapers, toys and nursery essentials in this lovable Zutano Owl pink stockpiling tote including a sweet little Owl weaving on the front and brilliant pink circle print inside. Established by the innovative couple of Michael and Uli Belenky, Zutano outlines delightful way of life accumulations that draw motivation from the offspring of our reality and presents prints and examples that mirror their spirits. Situated in the green slopes of Vermont, Zutano painstakingly sources just the finest fabrics and gentlest cottons for each new item, making a line of Superior quality garments and adornments in a rainbow of hues and prints that have no equivalent in the business.

The majority of the plans that Zutano makes are roused by an adoration for children and a conviction that each youngster's distinction can be praised.

The brightest hues, the most luxurious, high qhuality fabrics, examples and prints that epitomize the eccentric, and an indefatigable adoration for everything BABY: Combined, these components have permitted Zutano to make the absolute most different and remarkable kids' item available. New children truly change lives, and from the very first moment Zutano has been focused on giving each new infant the chance to convey what needs be: brilliantly, easily, and with their very own distinction.

Zutano's brilliant prints and characters now amplify past attire and into the nursery making a bright domain for children to develop. The flexible sheet material and room stylistic theme accumulations will keep up the enjoyment with vivid prints, and on tasteful that augments past child and little child attire.

Inspired by love
Creates colorful environment for babies
Maintain the fun with colorful prints

30.5 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm

544 g

Newborn & Up

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