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Vitamin Barrier Cream 1-2-3 50ml

Vitamin Barrier Cream 1-2-3 50ml

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Mustela bí©bí©'s new 123 Vitamin hindrance cream has been uncommonly detailed to handle the variables that trigger aggravations and redness at their source because of a special blend of licensed common dynamic fixings, along these lines ensuring three-fold viability:

The new 123 Vitamin hindrance cream has been clinically tried in amazing conditions, so you can securely utilize it consistently. Detailed utilizing 98% elements of common starting point that are without aroma and don't contain additives, it promises most extreme resistance right from birth*. To guarantee that changing your child's diaper remains an agreeable minute, Mustela's new 123 Vitamin obstruction cream can be connected and washed off effortlessl

Prevents chafing from diaper friction with the barrier effect of zinc oxide
Reduces redness quickly
Encourages cell regeneration with the action of vitamins B5 and F
Hypoallergenic - specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions
Tested under dermatological control
Oil in water emulsion protects skin without blocking pores
Acts quickly, is easy to use, gentle, effective and not messy
A superb-rich protective & relieving cream for newborns.
With a hypoallergenic formula that reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
Contains zinc oxide that shields skin against wetness & prevents chafing from diaper friction.
Blended with vitamins B5 & F to lessen redness quickly & promote cell regeneration.
Loaded with shea butter to soothe irritation & soften skin.
Leaves skin calm smooth & comfortable.

Up to 5 MONTHS!

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