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UPPAbaby Carseat Adapter 2015 n/a Lower

UPPAbaby Carseat Adapter 2015 n/a Lower

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The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller provides the ultimate in mobility for one or more kids on the go: you can attach your Toddler Seat, Rumble Seat, Stroller Bassinet, and MESA Infant Car Seat in a dizzying array of configurations that are all comfy for your child and convenient for you! If you've already got your Vista stroller and your seats, you're almost ready to get started äóñ but don't forget your adapters! You'll need the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Upper Adapters for the following combinations: MESA infant car seat (upper position) + Rumble Seat (lower position) Two stroller bassinets äóñ also requires Lower Adapters Two MESA infant car seats äóñ also requires Lower Adapters Toddler seat (upper position) + stroller bassinet (lower position) äóñ also requires Lower Adapters The adapters snap easily onto your stroller frame with no tools necessary, and they work pretty much exactly like the regular seat attachment; they just provide a little extra room for multiple seats by raising and staggering where they ride on your UPPAbaby Vista stroller frame. This adapter set is for the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista Toddler Seat, the UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat, and the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet; it will not work with other UPPAbaby items or car seats from other brands.

Quick, no-tools attachment.
Color coded dot indicators to ensure proper installment.
Stroller folds with adapters on.


8" X 2" X 6"

1 lbs

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