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Umbra Photoline - Holds 5 Photos

Umbra Photoline - Holds 5 Photos

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Show depictions, welcome cards, postcards, or different keepsakes with the Photoline photograph holder by Umbra. Photoline's metal link mounts to the divider with kick the bucket cast metal latches at every end and gives five altered position metal wire cuts that hold a mixture of things safely without harming them. Link measures 40-creep long with 1-1/2-inch breadth clasp. Awesome for home or office, Photoline likewise makes an upscale notice holder. Planned by Paul Loebach for Umbra-the overall pioneer in easygoing, contemporary and reasonable configuration for the home.

Photoline wall-mount photo holder by umbra
Metal wire cable with diecast metal fasteners, nickel finish
Five clips hold photos, postcards, greeting cards, notes, or other mementos
Cable measures 40-inch long with 1-1/2-inch diameter fastener at each end
Design, paul loebach

Metal wire cable with diecast metal fasteners, nickel finish

101.6 x 0.5 x 3.8 cm

59 g

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