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The Real Deal Guide To Pregnancy

The Real Deal Guide To Pregnancy

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A distinct option for the now 10-year-former Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, this peppy and cunningly composed asset is pressed with must-have data and framed in ordinary common sense for the recently pregnant lady. The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy opens with fast responses to the most-made inquiries ("Can regardless I have my hair highlighted?" "Is it genuine that hot tubs are untouchable?" "Shouldn't something be said about the champagne I chugged a week ago?") and moves into a special association of parts by subject as opposed to trimester. Every section opens with the creator's own particular genuine life story, and after that backs off obviously laid-out, dedicated data, with tip and actuality boxes scattered all through. The creator met 115 mothers over the world, of all ages, and incorporates their encounters in this also, for the most balanced data accessible available today. At long last, the book has been verified by an expert OB/GYN to guarantee the medicinal skill is breakthrough and safe. Not just is this book for the four million ladies that have a child every year in the United States, yet for companions who will purchase it for their pregnant companions, and first-time mothers searching for speedy answers.

Each chapter opens with the author's own true-life anecdote
Then eases into clearly laid-out
Hardworking information, with tip and fact boxes scattered throughout

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Newborn & Up

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