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Stokke Xplory Stroller

Stokke Xplory Stroller

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At long last, a stroller that gives you a chance to get closer to your infant. Change the Stokke Xplory seat near the handlebar for one-on-one cooperation or drop it lower for some private snooze time. This current stroller's adaptability takes into account numerous positions, tallness flexibility, and front-or back confronting seating to give you huge amounts of choices on the go and even conforms for table stature at eateries. An additional pad and movable infant cushion are awesome for even little children. Its swivel wheels let you move through city avenues and tight turns easily.

3 way facing and 5 seating positions to comfort a baby in any time of day.
Ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions.
Raises your child higher, promoting interaction while you explore the world together.
3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward facing positions: rest and active.
Open design with space between the wheels and no crossbar to restrict the way you walk.
Easy swivel front wheels make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
Depth adjustable baby pad.
An extra cushion reduces the seat depth to fit the smallest babies.
The adjustable foot rest eliminates dangling feet and stimulates movement and variation whilst sitting.
Comes with 5 point harness.
3 years warranty.
Made from mobile aluminum grade.
Optional opening for ventilation through 30% of the hood to prevent your child from overheating, protected by mosquito net.
Visor for extra protection from wind and light. Can be folded back or removed by unzipping it from the hood.

Plastic and aluminum

29.5" - 40" x 35" - 48.5" x 22.5"

27 lbs.

0-36 months

Care Instructions:
The stroller should be cleaned using a mild mixture of water with soap. Make sure that any sand/mud/grit is removed prior to cleaning.

Country of origin:
Made in Netherlands

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