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Saranoni Lush Luxury Receiving Blanket

Saranoni Lush Luxury Receiving Blanket

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Royal Gray Lush O/S
Orange/Gray Lush O/S
Spring Green/Gingersnap O/S
Ivory Swirl/Gingersnap O/S
Sunshine Gray/Lush O/S
Saranoni getting covers give extreme extravagance to minimal ones. Liberally measured at 30" x 40" they give remarkable scope, warmth and solace. The luxurious delicate Lush fabric on both sides circumscribed by silk, a fabric infants love. Encompass your child with delicate quality and style. Give them their own special "noni."

100% Polyester
30" x 40"
100% Polyester
Machine Wash Cold
Lay Flat to Dry

100% Polyester

14.5 x 9.3 x 3.5 inches

1.3 pounds

Newborn & Up

Care Instructions:
Easy clean

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