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Nook Pebble Change Pad

Nook Pebble Change Pad

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Alcove ChangePad highlights a guaranteed nontoxic froth center that gives molded and firm backing. Produced using every single characteristic eucalyptu, the spread is stain-safe, launderable, removable and waterproof. The zipped spread can be uprooted and washed effortlessly. Its cushion is non-allergenic, agreeable and simple to clean. Likewise, there is an additional layer of waterproof fabric between the center and the Pebble fabric for the most extreme cleanliness. The ChangePad is both agreeable and sound for children, making the entire changing process less lumbering for folks and youngsters.

Why You'll Love It: It makes changing a bother free undertaking for folks as it's easy to utilize and simple to keep up.

Eucalyptus,Organic Cotton, Zinc, Polyester, Nylon Zipper, Non toxic foam core
Certified non-toxic foam core
Cover is made wit all-natural eucalyptus and organic cotton
The wrap is stain resistant, waterproof, removable, and washable
An additional layer of waterproof fabric is provided between the core and Pebble fabric to ensure maximum cleanliness
Nontoxic foam core
Easy-to-close nylon zipper
Nylon zipper is easy to remove

Eucalyptus, organic cotton, zinc, polyester

33" x 16" x 4"

2 lbs.

Up to 5 MONTHS!

Care Instructions:
Easy to clean - Machine washable

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