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Motorola Blink1-S Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera

Motorola Blink1-S Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera

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This Wi-FiŒ¬ Video Baby Monitor Camera highlights Wi-Fi innovation permitting you to see remotely and control camera with a free downloadable App on your Smartphone, Computer or Tablet (Android or iOS). Obliges remote association with the web and a good survey gadget.

Wi-Fi Video Camera (requires internet access via Wi-Fi) plus live video/audio compatible with Smartphones, tablets and computers with Wi-Fi access to the Internet
Remote pan, tilt and zoom of the camera, plus connect up to 4 cameras
Talk to your baby using two-way communications
Features video recording, infrared night vision and in-room temperature monitoring
In order to ensure proper functioning of night vision please make sure a light is not shining on the parent unit where the sensor is located as the unit will not know whether night vision is needed

454 g

2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

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