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Medela Calma Solitaire

Medela Calma Solitaire

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Calma is the perfect different option for breastfeeding for moms who need to give their children breastmilk With Calma, infants don't need to change their characteristic nourishing conduct. Whether you breastfeed or utilize Calma- - the milk just streams when the child applies vacuum. Breastfeeding is constantly best for your infant, however once in a while it is unrealistic to breastfeed normally. Calma gives an answer for this. Empowers children to keep up their normal encouraging conduct learned on the bosom Babies can drink, inhale and delay consistently Supports a simple move from the bosom to the teat and back One size is adequate for the whole breastfeeding period, pretty much as in nature The interesting sustaining answer for your infant - it is prescribed that you present a teat when breastfeeding is set up Calma permits your infant to drink, stop and take in its characteristic cadence

Introducing the revolutionary breastfeeding-friendly feeding solution for breastmilk
Breast is best but when Mum has to be separated from her baby for work or social reasons then Calma provides the right feeding solution
Calma is the only scientific-based feeding device that helps to support the similar sucking behaviour of the baby at the breast
Calma requires a similar sucking behaviour to breastfeeding using the tongue to create vacuum making it easier for babies to switch between breast and Calma
Breastfeeding needs to be well established before introducing Calma, Calma is recommended for breastfed babies and not those who are currently bottle fed as they may find it difficult to feed

Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free
2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

50 g

Newborn & Up

Care Instructions:
Dishwasher safe - cleaning couldn't be easier with our dishwasher safe bottles

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