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Maclaren Well-Being Traveller's Kit

Maclaren Well-Being Traveller's Kit

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A perfect present for yourself or somebody unique, beginning...Travel Bag incorporates an all encompassing gathering of six normal items to quiet and also support mother and child. Associating Massage Oil(3.4 Oz), Alleviating Leg Lotion(3.4 Oz), Balancing Facial Mist(3.4 Oz), Protecting Nappy Change Balm(5 Oz), Absorbing Dusting Powder (3.5 Oz) and Comforting Room Mist(3.4 Oz) join in a pack that have 5 interior jug stays and a dashed inside pocket.


Massage Oil(3.4 Oz)
Alleviating Leg Lotion(3.4 Oz)
Balancing Facial Mist(3.4 Oz)
Protecting Nappy Change Balm(5 Oz)
Absorbing Dusting Powder (3.5 Oz)
Comforting Room Mist(3.4 Oz)

Newborn & Up

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