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Lolli Living Quilted Comforter Scarlet Lucy

Lolli Living Quilted Comforter Scarlet Lucy

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A flexible stitched sofa with rick rack trim emphasize and enlivened fabric prints that arrange superbly with Scarlet blend n' match bedding. Basically flip in the middle of Lucy and Pink Mini Chevron prints to change the look of you're bedding. Delicate and gently cushioned. Additionally flawless as a play mat for tummy time.

Two-sided Lolli Living Quilted Comforter
Reversible comforter: Prints on each side for extra style
Inspired fabric prints
Rickrack style trim
Lightly padded
SIZE: 37" x 43"

14.5 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches

1.3 pounds

Care Instructions:
Machine wash

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