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Leander WP Mattress Pad

Leander WP Mattress Pad

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The Baby Jeanius Stinky Pad for the Leander den is a more normal distinct option for ordinary plasticized lodging sleeping cushions and bunk bedding defenders. Produced using unbleached natural cotton and medicinal evaluation waterproof liner, the Baby Jeanius cushion is the most secure waterproof bunk sleeping cushion defender around.

The Baby Jeanius Stinky Pad is put between the sheet and sleeping pad to secure your regular den bedding. Essentia's delicate grasp against slip cotton backing diminishes moving as your child moves.

Medical grade waterproof liner
Dust mite deterrent and hypoallergenic
Machine washable

Organic Cotton

Up to 5 MONTHS!

Care Instructions:
Easy to clean - Machine washable

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