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Lamaze My Friend Emily

Lamaze My Friend Emily

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Emily is ideal for infant's first doll! She comes complete with a clatter jewelry, clinky rings and fascinating compositions and sounds! Emily pampers through the indispensable first stages or advancement. Vision: splendid differentiating hues and examples empower child. Sound: rattles, squeaks and creases offers listening to and listening some assistance with sensing. Touch: distinctive surfaces to grasp and get to enhance engine abilities. Emily is an awesome prologue to loveable characters that guide motivation, move play and social abilities. The Lamaze clasp gives you a chance to snare Emily to strollers, transporters and diaper sacks to take her along for on-the-go fun. Lamaze motivates day by day disclosures through toys made with delightful shocks that urge infant to learn while playing.

The Lamaze brand rouses imagination and revelation. To new mothers who see marvel and plausibility in their infant's eyes, Lamaze is the pioneer in high caliber, giftable newborn child advancement toys that move inventiveness and disclosure in light of the fact that just Lamaze is planned with startling elements, delicious hues, whimisical characters and drawing in surfaces.

Brightly coloured, friendly doll with soft velour body
Features clacking rings, rattle necklace and crinkly dress
Multiple textures keep baby engaged
Stimulates baby's senses and engages their imagination
Use the Lamaze link to let baby take the fun on the go

100% Cotton

26.8 x 18 x 9.8 cm

159 g

Up to 5 MONTHS!

Care Instructions:
Easy to clean - Machine Washable

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