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Lamaze High-Contrast Foot Finders

Lamaze High-Contrast Foot Finders

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Outlined with high complexity hues and examples to fortify child's vision, the Lamaze High Contrast Foot Finders urge infant to achieve, snatch and kick, at the same time arousing and building up infant's muscles. The ideal size for child's little feet, the infant delicate Lamaze foot discoverers additionally energize the advancement of deftness and prize infant with fun sounds.

Stimulating colourful feet rattles with plenty of activities
Bright contrasting colours and patterns stimulate vision
Rattles, squeaks and crinkles develop auditory senses
Encourages baby to reach, grab and kick, awakening muscles
Different textures to grip and grab refine motor skills
Rattle encourages baby to reach and grab
Crinkle sounds
Soft and comfortable on baby
High contrast colors and patterns stimulate baby's vision.
Ages birth and up

100% Cotton sateen

5 x 1 x 6.5 inches

1.6 ounces

Up to 5 MONTHS!

Care Instructions:
Machine Washable

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