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Lamaze Franky The Hanky Whale

Lamaze Franky The Hanky Whale

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Franky the Hanky Whale is loaded with astonishments for child! He plays find the stowaway with his delicate, brilliantly shaded tissues äóñ bolster them into his mouth and haul them out through his blowhole. Infants affection to rehash this play example of put-in and take-out play, which is an amazing method for creating engine abilities. Franky has a crimped tail and blades, beautiful strips, and various surfaces and materials support investigation.


4 different color tissues
Feed the tissues in his mouth and pull them out the spout
Crinkly fins and tail and colorful ribbon loops near the spout
All soft body with high contrast belly
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2013 and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Special Needs Adaptable Product Award 2013
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6 x 7 x 10 inches

7 ounces

Newborn & Up

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