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Lamaze Cheery Chirpers

Lamaze Cheery Chirpers

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The Cheery Chirpers are a perfect size for children to handle and hold, and components fun peeping sounds that trigger when infant shakes the feathered creature. Infants will be enchanted by the sounds they hear when they shake this delightful Flamingo clatter. The Cheery Chirpers are awesome for building up child's engine aptitudes, particularly dexterity, whilst empowering quality in infant's arms and hands. Splendid hues and high-difference examples invigorate child outwardly. Made of premium quality fabrics, this is an extraordinary toy for on-the-go fun, whether in the auto seat or a pram. Suitable for use from conception.

Make these cute birds jump up and down to hear them chirp
These whimsical characters will have baby and mum smiling
When the flamingo is shaken, it makes cute chirping noises
Colourful and high contrast patterns with different textures
Ideal size for baby to hold and keep as a close companion


12.7 x 3.8 x 25.4 cm

18 g

Newborn & Up

Care Instructions:
Machine washable

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