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Kiinde Twist Pouches

Kiinde Twist Pouches

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Gather, store, and food utilizing the same pocket! Kiinde Twist PouchesΎ join the sturdiness and watertight surety of a container with the expense viability, reduced size, and accommodation of a dispensable breastmilk stockpiling pack. Turn Pouches turn lock onto pumps from ALL significant brands, for release free, exchange free pumping, straightforwardly into the pocket. Turn Pouches are self-standing, or lay level for minimal stockpiling in you're cooler, and ultra-quick solidifying and defrosting. Pockets have a high perceivability marking surface. BPA, PVC, and without pthalate. Pockets and tops are recyclable after utilization, importance no filthy dishes to clean! Turn Pouches snap into the Kiinde Squeeze Natural sustaining container, for bolstering straightforwardly from the pocket - no compelling reason to exchange milk from sacks to bottles.ξ

Twist Pouches combine the leak-proof toughness of a bottle with the price and convenience of a disposable breastmilk storage bag. Allows you to collect, store, prepare and feed using a single pouch. Eliminates messy and risky transfer of milk.
Pouches twist lock onto pumps from ALL major manufacturers (using the appropriate adapter, sold separately)
Pouches and caps are recycleable after use, eliminating dirty dishes

Material Type:
Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free

6.7 x 6.2 x 6.0

1 pounds

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