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Kiinde Kozzi - Breastmilk & Bottled Milk Warmer

Kiinde Kozzi - Breastmilk & Bottled Milk Warmer

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The Kiinde Kozii permits folks to securely and rapidly warm breastmilk, equation, and nourishment away sacks, jugs, or containers of all shapes, sizes and materials. It is the first and final hotter composed particularly to take after all rules put forward by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to securely defrost and warm breastmilk utilizing warm, streaming water. Patent pending SAFEHeatTM innovation permits fast warming utilizing a low temperature, supplement safe water shower that is ok for breastmilk, with an inherent clock to take out the danger of overheating. The outcome is a hotter that is more secure, more exact, quicker and less demanding to use than traditional warmers which utilize high temperature steam that can be harming to the antibodies and supplements contained in breastmilk. Kozii's warming chamber is intended to oblige an entire 8oz sack of solidified bosom milk, and to rapidly convey it to serving temperature. SAFEHeatTM guarantees that the hotter's substance are conveyed to the same temperature each time as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. A straightforward, simple to peruse clock permits folks to set the coveted warming time by just turning the handle. At the point when the time is up, the warming stops totally, disposing of the danger of overheating, regardless of the possibility that the jug or pack is left in the hotter for more than planned.

SAFER, EASIER WARMING - Creates a flowing warm water bath to quickly and gently thaw and warm breast milk according to CDC and USDA guidances
LONG LASTING RESERVOIR - Unlike other warmers, kozii does not require that you measure or add water with each use.
EASY TO USE TIMER - Simple, intuitive interface lets you know how much time is left before the meal is ready.
AUTO SHUTOFF - When the time is up, the warmer shuts off and completely removes the heat source from the bottle. This means no overheated bottles because your busy schedule prevented you from taking the bottle out on time!
UNIVERSAL WARMING CHAMBER - Kozii can safely accommodate breastmilk, formula, storage bags (frozen or thawed), liner bottles, plastic, glass, food jars, you name it!


8 x 8 x 6 inches

2 pounds

Country of origin:
Made in USA

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