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Britax Seat Protector

Britax Seat Protector

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The Britax Vehicle Seat Protector offers a designed, non-slip material offer best-in-class auto seat crash execution while giving assurance to the vehicle seat from spills, garbage and pressure. The Britax Vehicle Seat Protector is waterproof and simple to clean with raised edges on all sides to keep spills and flotsam and jetsam contained, and a front seat monitor that hangs over the vehicle seat to shield it from sloppy shoes. The Vehicle Seat Protector is additionally hook good and accident tried and affirmed for use with Britax auto seats.

Engineered for best in class crash performance while protecting the vehicle seat from spills, crumbs
Engineered, non slip material for best in class car seat crash performance
Crash tested and approved for use with Britax seats
Raised edges to catch spills and debris for easy clean up
Designed for full coverage of the car seat base to minimize vehicle seat indentations

0.9 x 18.6 x 26.5 inches

2.2 pounds

Care Instructions:
Easy to clean

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