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Baby Jogger Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board

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The Glider Board is an extraordinary approach to let your more established tyke hitch a ride. It joins effectively to the back hub of your stroller and has a non-slip surface so you know your kid will be protected. The Glider Board can flip off the beaten path when not being used and overlap effectively notwithstanding when joined to the stroller.

Telescoping brackets are length adjustable to ensure kids have a comfortable ride
Glider board for stroller is easily removed for use on different Baby Jogger strollers
Stroller glider board not for use while jogging
Compatible with Baby Jogger city miniŒ¬ GT double, city miniŒ¬ double, city versaŒ¬, city selectŒ¬, city miniŒ¬ GT, city miniŒ¬, city eliteŒ¬, city miniŒ¬ 4-wheel and F.I.T.Œ¬ jogger
Compatible with the baby jogger city series and summit single and double models
Telescoping brackets are length adjustable
Glider board stows against stroller frame when not in use


4.33 x 12.99 x 16.53 inches

5.51 pounds

Newborn to 45 lbs. max weight

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