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7AM Enfant Doudoune Midnight Blue M 3-6M

7AM Enfant Doudoune Midnight Blue M 3-6M

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7 A.M's. prestigious down to earth outlines are at the end of the day exhibited in the Doudoune. This cute one-piece newborn child hitting is the ideal option and bother free answer for coat and trousers.

The side zippers completely open the Doudoune, for easy changing The bunting converts into two separate leg-muffs with a double row of snaps from crotch to foot, which is a convenient feature enabling use on baby carriers, car-seats and strollers
The insulated, quilted materials seal out the cold winter weather with the Faux Fur hood and soft micro-fleece lining, it's the comfort that keeps the young ones smiling!
Water-repellent shell
Ultra-soft premium fiber insulation distributed evenly to maximize warmth

100% Polyester

14.3 x 12 x 1.9 inches

1 pounds

3 - 6 monthsξξ ξ

Care Instructions:
Machine washable

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