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4Moms Clear Water Infant Bath Tub

4Moms Clear Water Infant Bath Tub

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Keep your infant squeaky-clean from early stages to toddlerhood, with this clever newborn child bathtub from 4moms! Made to use with running water, the Infant Tub lets clean water stream in and flow around your infant, while grimy water ways out sidewall channels äóî guaranteeing shower time is dependably as perfect as it is entertaining

Made to use with running water.
Designed to circulate water so that dirty water flows out, as clean water flows in.
Fits single and double sinks.
Includes rinse cup and integrated rinse cup holder.

BPA-free, PVC-free plastic

32" x 16.75" x 9"

3.58 lbs

Newborn - when the child can sit up in his/her own (5-8 months)

Care Instructions:
Wipe off after use

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